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Established 1995 - Member NFPA, FFMIA & FFCA

  Fire Prevention Specialists, Inc. is a company dedicated to the highly important field of fire and life safety.   We conduct our business within three realms; instruction, inspection, and consulting.  With many years of combined experience in fire related fields including plans examination for code compliance, inspections, instruction and consulting, we bring a wealth of knowledge to our clients to help ensure this particular aspect of their project is correct and complete.
  Our experience encompasses a wide range of projects, from simple to complex, of every category of occupancy. In addition to our projects in private practice, we have worked for many years with the Florida State Fire Marshal's office and have had the opportunity to involve ourselves in the state's multitude of diverse facilities including university facilities, detention facilities, office buildings, stadiums, dormitories, apartments and health care facilities to name a few.
  F.P.S., Inc. and it's associates also have practical experience in fire related fields such as fire sprinkler contracting, fire alarm contracting and architecture.  This gives us the advantage of providing a well rounded approach to our services.  We know the tricks of the trade, so to speak, and are thereby able to ensure our client is getting the most for the money as well as a code compliant project.
  Countless numbers of architects, engineers, contractors and owners have benefited in terms of saving time, money and effort through our reviews of their plans in the early stages of design.  They have come to rely on our expertise since we not only indicate problem areas but assist them with solutions as well.  This helps to ensure their final construction documents pass the authority having jurisdiction's review process.  It is because of this positive relationship we have established over the years with these companies and individuals that we are able to achieve our goal of code compliant facilities.
  Training is another all important aspect of fire prevention in which we also excel.  As mentioned above, we have backgrounds on both sides of the fence; contracting and inspecting.  Therefore, our approach to training is a practical one.  We not only cover code requirements but also train in testing, inspection and maintenance of systems.
  Our primary interest is you, our client.  Too often we see misapplications of the codes and standards which result in needless expenditures that drive the construction budget over the limit.  These misapplications will also affect the project and it's budget in the future relative to maintenance costs.  We are aware of the complexity of the operation and maintenance of today's facilities and the monetary resources wasted on code errors that should be directed to other vital interests.

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